A view of mountains in late autumn.
A view of mountains in late autumn.

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Which Would You Rather See?

Forest in mid-autumn Brown Garbage - Photo by Emmet from Pexels

Casella Waste Systems’ subsidiary North Country Environmental Services (NCES) wants to build a 180 acre landfill in Dalton, NH close to Forest Lake and Forest Lake State Park in the headwaters of Alder Brook. The dump would be in the Ammonoosuc River watershed in an area of wetlands and vernal pools in Dalton near Bethlehem, Littleton, and Whitefield, NH. This area contains prime wildlife habitats identified by the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.

Casella operates dumps in Bethlehem, NH; Coventry, VT; and Southbridge, MA. Landfills are known to be responsible for water pollution, air pollution, and fecal contamination from landfill scavengers like seagulls, all resulting in negative impacts on property values.

Any contamination that runs off or falls into the Ammonoosuc River will flow through the heart of the Littleton, NH River District Redevelopment Project.

Forest Lake has been used by North Country families for generations as a swimming and boating destination. In addition to its recreational uses, Forest Lake water is so clean that many surrounding homes draw their water from it. It drains through Burns Pond and the Johns River into the Connecticut River.

A major dump in Dalton, NH would harm our environment, wildlife, and people for generations. Explore our website to find out more.